Strength in Numbers

There is strength in numbers.

I know you see the hype, images, videos, and constant bombardment from social media about what a "fit mama" looks like. Fitting yourself into a mold (whether you are expecting your first or your kids are all grown up) 

We live in a world where moms are expected to be everything and so much more. We wear a ridiculous number of hats and often are left without any time for ourselves. 

Give yourself permission to be confident and strong, striving to actually love yourself no matter what. Hard work pays off, and I've come to believe that work is done within yourself much more than it's done in the gym. 

I spoke to a mama recently who is "early" postpartum (just a few weeks) and she mentioned how hard it was to see her body in the state is was post-birth. YES. Of course. And there's nothing wrong with seeing your body as strong and vulnerable at the same time. We undergo the most significant changes (in every way) during pregnancy AND postpartum. And they're not always what we expect. 

I want the mamas I reach to feel empathy and support, while also getting encouraged and pushed to feel better and gain confidence with every day that passes. The Pregna-Fit and Mama Strength community aims to provide that to every mama.


These pictured mamas, pregnant and postpartum, are some of the most incredible people I've ever met. It's been such a privilege to watch this community build day by day. Support, strength, and encouragement are my favorite elements of the Pregna-Fit and Mama Strength programs. 

Taking time for yourself, even if it's 2-4 workouts per week can have an incredibly positive impact on your mental wellbeing. 

Regardless of how mamas feel when they walk in the door, I'm confident that they will walk out feeling a part of something. This community is awesome.


I am immensely grateful to the mamas who've allowed me to work with them at some of the most pivotal moments of their lives and to those who continue to strive for strength and health by making Pregna-Fit and Mama Strength a regular part of their lives. 

Together we rise.